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Fortnite Solo: August 1st – 31st

Think you’re good at Fortnite?  Show everyone what you’ve got.  Compete for Epic Bragging Rights and cash prizes!  You have one month to compete for the top spot on our Elite Arena leader-board.  Register at the front desk, collect a metal participation pin, then try to improve your score before we close at the end of the calendar month.

The Prize Pool starts at $300.  The more players who enter, the larger the pot will grow! The SKY IS THE LIMIT. At the end of the month, the top 3 players on the board will split the Prize Pot, 50/30/20.

Leader-boards will be visible on Discord, our Website, and on monitors at Elite Esports LA.  Protect your top spot!

Talk to any Elite Staff and see how you can get your pin and enter the ELITE ARENA.


New Registration: $20  |  Extra Attempt: $5

Your $20 Registration includes: 1 Elite Arena Pin, 1 Attempt, 1 Free Hour added to your account, and a special tag to your Discord ID that gives you access to our exclusive Arena Channel!

Extra Attempts

Extra attempts cost $5 per attempt and add 30 minutes of free time to your account for each attempt. We will record a new score to the leader-board only if it is greater than the previous score.

Rules: Fortnite Solo

Battle Royale Style Point System

    • Kills = 1 point
    • Victory Royale = 10 points
    • Placement 2nd or 3rd = 5 points
    • Placement 4th or 5th = 3 points

Once matchmaking has ended and the battle bus has launched the official match has begun. After the match begins there are no do-overs without purchasing an extra attempt.  After player elimination, a judge must tally your points and record your score.

Prize Pool

The Arena will begin with a prize pool of $50. Once registration and attempt purchases reach $50, 25% of the registration fee and 50% of attempt fees will go towards the pot.  The sky is the limit!

1st Place = 50%
2nd Place = 30%
3rd Place = 20%


At the end of the month, we will establish contact with the winners from the contact info in their account.  If you win, we will hold your prize for pick up at the front desk! We will award 10% more if you take it in the form of a gift card. Future arena attempts and registrations cannot be paid by gift card.