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Fortnite Custom Solos Tournament – Saturday, Sept 21st, 3:00 PM START | Max 76 Players

$15 Venue Fee + $15 Buy-in Per Person | Optional Buy-Back of $15 after Round 1
Registration CUT-OFF @ 2:00 PM | Mandatory Check-In CUT-OFF 2:30

Missed or late check-in means forfeiture without refund.  Arrive before 6:30 if pre-registered.  Arrive before 6:00 if registering at the center.  There will be no registrations after the cut-off.

Please read all the rules before registration.  The tournament will have 3 Victory opportunities:

  • In Round 1, Victors win a $30 Elite Gift Card.
  • In the Semi-Final, the Victor wins the Buy-Back Pot ($190 at Max Participation).
  • In the Grand Final, the Victor wins the Buy-In Pot ($1140 at max participation).

Round 1

Prize: $30 Gift Card for Victory

Group 1 and 2 will play custom royales separately for Round 1.  The top 1/3rd from each royale will advance, with the victor of each royale being rewarded a $30 Gift Card. Only 31st place and above will have the opportunity to Buy-Back for the losers round after Group 2 finishes.

Losers Round

Prize: Top 14 Advance, $15 Gift Card for Victory

All who placed 31st and above in Group 1 and 2 may pay the Buy-Back ($15) to play a royale.  From this, the Top 14 will advance to the Semi-Final for a chance at the money rounds.


Prize: $190 at Max Participation ($5 from each Buy-Back from the Losers Round)

All remaining contestants will compete.  The victor of this Royale wins the Buy-Back Pot.  No eliminations this round.

Grand Final

Prize: $1140 at Max Participation ($15 from each Buy-In)

All will now participate in the Grand Final.  No kills are allowed until the 5th Zone.  Winner Takes All.


  • Groups will be assigned by sign-up order.  Evens and Odds.
  • One Person may win both money rounds.
  • Screen Cheating is NOT ALLOWED.  If we see you glancing at other player’s screens we will disqualify you immediately.
  • No teaming.  Mics will not be allowed. You must sit at the seat you are assigned. You may not sit next to the people you come in with.
  • We will not allow the use of personal accounts for this tournament. All computers will be signed into Center Accounts.
  • After each round, await instruction.  You may have to remove your gear in the middle of the tournament to make way for another Group.


  • You may bring your own mouse, keyboard, and headset.
  • You may bring your own WIRED Xbox or PS4 controller.
  • If you have a wireless Xbox or PS4 controller, you must bring a USB cable to connect it to our PCs. Please test at home to make sure you have the correct cable.
  • We have a very limited number of wired Xbox controllers – they will be given out first come, first served.
  • We do not recommend bringing PS4 controllers, as Windows does not natively support them. If you bring a PS4 controller, it will be your responsibility to ensure its functionality and we accept no responsibility in making it function.


If you’re not here to start your match when your round begins, you forfeit your match.

The tournament will be held at:

Elite ESports & Gaming Lounge

12655 Ventura Blvd. Studio, CA 91604

Call with questions: (818) 275-1137

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