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Fortnite Solos Tournament – Friday, Aug. 16th, 6:00 PM | Max 80 Players

$30 Entry Per Person | Registration Ends @ 5:00 PM | Mandatory Check-In at 5:30
$5 Discount for online registration.

Think you’re good at Fortnite? Come prove it at Elite! ALL AGES AND SKILL LEVELS WELCOME.  Create a Challonge account before registering.  Price includes $15 Buy In and $15 Venue Fee.

Doors will be open for in person registrations at 3:00 PM. Come early to guarantee controllers and cables if you don’t have your own.

PRIZES up to $1000+ (At Max Participation)
1st Prize – 65% (up to $650+)
2nd Prize -35% (up to $350+)
3rd Prize – $25 Gift card
If we do not have at least 4 participants, we will play Winner Takes All instead and 2nd place will receive 1 hour free play time added to their account.



  • Kills = 1 Point per kill
  • Victory Royale = 10 Points
  • Placement 2nd or 3rd = 5 Points
  • Placement 4th or 5th = 3 Points

Disconnections: If a player disconnects before the character selection screen, the game must be restarted. If you disconnect during game play, it is treated like a death, no replays are allowed. It is very important to make sure your equipment works before the match begins.

  • If we have more participants than stations, we will split into groups for each round.
  • You will have 3 rounds once you have set up and your team is ready to start to acquire points. These rounds will be back to back, and you must report your score for each round. Restarting a round is not allowed.
  • After you have finished your three rounds you will be required to vacate your station to make room for another squad, if asked.
  • After you have completed your tournament matches, you are welcome to stay for the remainder of the tournament and play on any vacant PCs with your own Elite account logins.
  • You may also leave if you do not wish to stay for the remainder of the tournament. If you do leave, you can request your winnings (if any) be held at Elite in the form of either a Check or a Gift Card +10% + Ties will be determined by highest round score.


You may bring your own mouse, keyboard, and headset.

You may bring your own WIRED Xbox or PS4 controller.

If you have a wireless Xbox or PS4 controller, you must bring a USB cable to connect it to our PCs. Please test at home to make sure you have the correct cable.

We have a very limited number of wired Xbox controllers – they will be given out first come, first served.

We do not recommend bringing PS4 controllers, as Windows does not natively support them. If you bring a PS4 controller, it will be your responsibility to ensure its functionality and we accept no responsibility in making it function.


If you’re not here to start your match when your round begins, you forfeit your match.

After a match, you MUST leave your screen on spectate mode and raise your hand for an Elite referee to come by and validate your score. If you rage quit and/or return to the lobby before a referee can validate your score, you forfeit your match. This is a zero-tolerance policy. If you are caught re-entering a new game after you are eliminated in a round, you will be disqualified from the tournament.

The tournament will be held at:

Elite ESports & Gaming Lounge

12655 Ventura Blvd. Studio, CA 91604

Call with questions: (818) 275-1137

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